80s FIT ‘Pose Soundtrack’ *LIVE* with Kage on BOON TV


with Kage Find it hard to decide between Barre & Aerobics? How about between Dance Cardio and Toning? Well fear no more because now they are all in one beautiful class! Introducing 80s FIT 'Pose Soundtrack', a sexy mixture of lots of different styles to help you work up a serious retro sweat to some...


80s Barre ‘Gay Icons’ *LIVE* with Josh on ZOOM


with Josh 80s Barre is a feel good barre & body conditioning class, full of fun & 80's filled retro magic. The teacher will lead you through an isometric barre inspired series, interspersed with core strength exercises & targeted ab work. You will feel the burrrrrrn in this one, but the feel-good retro tunes from...


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